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You can depend on BIPI agents and claims adjusters, who have lots of experience to handle your auto, home or business insurance claim. They’ll get in touch with you right away to review your claim and your insurance coverage. They’ll also stay in touch with you throughout the process and answer all your questions. Let’s get started.

Listed below are the basic documents required by most insurance companies in making claims. Please note that additional requirements may be requested.

Moto Car
  1. Pictures of Damaged Portion
  2. Police Report /Affidavit
  3. Copy of OR/CR
  4. Copy of Drivers License with OR
  5. Estimate of Repair
Real Property
  1. Affidavit of loss declaring:
    1. Nature of ownership of insured properties
    2. Location of the said properties, and
    3. Lien and encumbrance, if any
  2. Fire/Arson Investigation Report(s)
  3. Business Permit
  4. Registration of Business Name
  5. Articles of Incorporation
  6. Inspection report
Comprehensive General Liability
  1. Copy of Insurance Policy
  2. Proof of premium payments
  3. Construction Contract
  4. Formal claim letter/advice
  5. Affidavit of Loss/Accident
  6. Incident Report
  7. Sworn Statement of Formal Claim & Non-Waiver Agreement
  8. Police or Security Guard Report
  9. Detailed Repair Estimate if for replacement quotation from the supplier
  10. Building Permit
  11. Photographs of damaged property
  12. Other related documents that may help in the fair determination of the loss
  1. Complaints from the Obligee
  2. SEC Registration
  3. Affidavit from the Obligee
  1. Invoice, Purchase Order, Valued Packing List or any documents showing the actual value of the cargo
  2. Trucking Documents (OR & CR)
  3. Police Report
  4. Hauling Contract
  5. Delivery Receipt
  6. Stencil of Engine & Chassis
  7. Driver’s License